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I am making digital animations as part of my exploration of ways to articulate the subject of pain in relation to the Viking Energy Wind Farm (VEWF) in Shetland, UK.  With these films I want to show the passing of time, and consequently some of them are very slow, i.e. two hours. Animation also enables me to speed up time, and thus I am experimenting with making gifs as a way to show the army of vehicles that has invaded our landscape. I will add films as I complete them.  It is turning out to be a slow process.

The landscape in Shetland is in a constant state of injury, wounding and destruction as a result of the construction of this wind farm. As with my digital drawings on photographs, I am  using film to explore the wind farm construction as a metaphor for the body in pain, scarring, and wounding, both physically and emotionally.

Landscape in pain #046320201113
Photo: Courtesy Sustainable Shetland

This film is a very short version of one of the films in a body of work called Landscape in Pain, a collection of digital drawings and films. The original film is almost two hours long. The body of work is my response to the ongoing construction of the Viking Energy Wind Farm on Shetland’s Mainland.

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