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Installation Photos of Hidden Flowers Bloom Beautifully

I am so pleased to have been able to visit the Shetland version of the exhibition. We didn't have a private view, unlike in Switzerland where they were able to have one. The show has been put together so well by the Shetland curators, Jane Matthews and Jenny Tipton, so huge thanks to them! I have enjoyed seeing the work in real life after hearing about in our Zoom meetings over recent months. My work is next to Dorothea Rust's film, which of course we requested as we've been in dialogue, and our exchange has contributed to the evolution of my work and to Dorothea visiting the Verenforen Wind Farm in Germany and making the performance and film, Scribble Critter. The sound, which was filmed on site at the Wind Farm, is wonderful, very haunting, and disturbing. My film is silent, so I am happy that Dorothea's work is next to mine. I enjoyed seeing everyone's contributions to the Special Edition, which is laid out on a table in the centre of the main space. We were invited to contribute a multiple of 25 images. The archive of all artists' exchanges is in another room. I need to go back to read them more carefully because I didn't have enough time. We had to book to see the exhibition because of Covid restrictions, and time slots were only 30 minutes.


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