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Who are the artists in dialogue for Hidden Flowers Bloom Beautifully?

Image from Landscape in Pain

I want to credit the artists and organisers of the exhibition Hidden flowers bloom beautiful because we are getting nearer to the final deadlines for sending information and work. We have meetings, too, where it has been good to get to know the other artists from Switzerland and learn what everyone is doing. I am very much looking forward to the exhibitions and the publications. The curators paired each artist from Shetland with an artist from Switzerland:

Roseanne Watt - Martina Morger

Andrew Sutherland - Wassili Widmer

Viviane Ross-Smith - Birgit Widmer

Roxane Permar - Dorothea Rust

Aimee Labourne - Caroline Baur

Amy Gear - Maria Nanny

Daniel Clark - Florian Gugger

Paul Bloomer - Harlis Schweizer

Maria Nanny is editing the publications, and there are curation teams in each country:

Shetland: Jane Matthews and Jenny Tipton

Appenzell: Birgit Widmer, Harlis Schweizer, and Wasili Widmer


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